Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is positioned as a professional provider of electric control and scene comprehensive solutions for electrified new energy and UAV supplier, providing professional high-quality Chinese UAV products. Provide integrated hydrogen power system comprehensive solutions for various scenarios for new electrified energy system. The company has built a self-developed integrated electronic control architecture, which effectively promoted the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the system. SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. team is committed to continuously promoting energy electrification, so that human society can enjoy the green life brought by zero hydrocarbon energy as soon as possible.


Compared with the traditional lithium battery, UAV hydrogen battery has obvious advantages in light weight, energy conversion efficiency, life attenuation and other indicators. The maximum flying height of this equipment is 3 km, the maximum flying speed is 10m/s, and the rated output power is 3kw. It has the remarkable characteristics of light weight, high power, heavy load and long endurance.


The drone has a commercial flight control system and powerful algorithms to help and ensure flight stability; Coaxial double rotor design, higher hovering efficiency, reducing the size of the whole machine; Lightweight hydrogen-electricity system design, visualization of hydrogen-electricity and UAV monitoring system, real-time observation of UAV operation; Convenient hydrogen bottle replacement, complete system fault protection function.