Teaching demonstration equipment

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SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is positioned as a professional provider of electric control and scene comprehensive solutions for electrified new energy and teaching demonstration equipment, providing professional and high-quality teaching demonstration equipment products in China. Provide integrated hydrogen power system comprehensive solutions for various scenarios for new electrified energy system. The company has built a self-developed integrated electronic control architecture, which effectively promoted the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the system. SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd.  team is committed to continuously promoting energy electrification, so that human society can enjoy the green life brought by zero hydrocarbon energy as soon as possible.


Teaching demonstration equipment is used to meet the teaching needs of hydrogen electricity system in colleges and universities. In order to facilitate students to observe the running state of the system intuitively and understand the specific appearance of each module, a transparent shell teaching demonstration equipment is specially customized and developed. The product system is divided into four parts: energy storage, electric pile, electric control and load by transparent acrylic, which is convenient for students to understand the trend and logic of hydrogen, air and electricity.


Teaching demonstration appliances have transparent appearance design, modular system architecture, intuitive and clear; At the same time, it has the dual load form of inductive load and resistive load; Equipped with a display screen, it is convenient to observe the real-time state of the system operation; The outlet of the hydrogen bottle is equipped with a pressure gauge to know the remaining hydrogen in real time.