Low-power controller

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SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is positioned as a professional provider of electric control and scene integrated solutions for electrified new energy and a controller supplier, providing professional high-quality China controller products. Provide integrated hydrogen power system comprehensive solutions for various scenarios for new electrified energy system. The company has built a self-developed integrated electronic control architecture, which effectively promoted the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the system. SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. team is committed to continuously promoting energy electrification, so that human society can enjoy the green brought by zero hydrocarbon energy as soon as possible.


Low power controller has a fully self-developed fuel cell system development platform; One core has multiple functions, and the algorithm integrates the core electronic control components; Embedded software development tools, autonomous and flexible upper computer tools; Open application layer development; A new generation of SiC high frequency drive technology can cover 30kW~180kW power control.


Low power controller supports a variety of valve and sensor control, CAN communication and Bootloader. SeeLab, a special host computer for hydrogen electricity debugging, has the functions of BOP parameter calibration, subsystem loop parameter calibration, system debugging, fault checking, etc. The controller also has an upgradeable fuel cell power control platform, high-frequency power unit modularization technology, cost-effective Sic multi-tube parallel technology, highly reliable multi-loop current sharing control technology, a complete set of development kits, and supports the application layer dual-mode development of highly flexible data storage and monitoring.