Light vehicle

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SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is positioned as a professional provider of electric control and scene comprehensive solutions for electrified new energy and a supplier of light vehicles, providing professional high-quality light vehicle products in China. Provide integrated hydrogen power system comprehensive solutions for various scenarios for new electrified energy system. The company has built a self-developed integrated electronic control architecture, which effectively promoted the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the system. SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. team is committed to continuously promoting energy electrification, so that human society can enjoy the green life brought by zero hydrocarbon energy as soon as possible.


Light vehicle, the main source of energy is hydrogen energy, which generates electricity to power electric vehicles under the catalysis of proton exchange membrane. Fuel cell control, DC control and lithium battery BMS management are integrated in the power system; The system adopts optimized energy distribution control strategy to support fault self-recovery and shutdown recovery; The system has reliable upgrade firmware and supports software version upgrade.


The vehicle has the characteristics of high power output, large power storage, fast power response and strong power. It has long endurance, the maximum mileage can reach 70 kilometers, and it is equipped with one-button start and convenient hydrogen bottle replacement function. In addition, it can also check the stack situation in real time and complete system fault protection function, and support the display of residual hydrogen.