Power Supply

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SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is positioned as a professional provider of electric control and scene comprehensive solutions for electrified new energy and power supply, providing professional high-quality China power products. Provide integrated hydrogen power system comprehensive solutions for various scenarios for new electrified energy system. The company has built a self-developed integrated electronic control architecture, which effectively promoted the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the system. SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. team is committed to continuously promoting energy electrification, so that human society can enjoy the green life brought by zero hydrocarbon energy as soon as possible.


SEEEX TECH (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. power supply is aimed at outdoor activities, standby power supply and other power demand scenarios, and has the characteristics of long battery life, small size, easy to carry, etc. This set of power supply equipment is pollution-free, clean and environmentally friendly, rapid deployment, direct insertion and direct use, convenient and fast; A set of safe power supply system to ensure fast power supply when there is no mains supply or power supply is difficult in the field.


The maximum output power of the equipment is 3KW, the output voltage is 48V, 12V and 5V, and the system supports one-button startup. Fast power response, automatic power adjustment; Support CAN/RS485 communication; Support touch screen display control.